5 Tips to improve your Linkedin profile

Linkedin profile

LinkedIn is one of the most widely used professional social networks. Creating a profile can be very effective to develop and maintain a network of professional contacts. LinkedIn is a bit trickier to use than Facebook and Twitter. We’ve collected some advice below to help you improve your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Try to have as many recommendations as possible. This will enhance your reputation. The best way to get recommendations is to ask for them.
  2. Don’t exclude your non-work-related experiences. If you add more experiences, it will be easier to connect to other people on LinkedIn.
  3. Pay attention to your profile picture. It has to be recent and people need to be able to recognize you.
  4. Connect to lots of groups and get involved in the most relevant one.
  5. Share an update once a day between 11am and 3pm – this will give you more visibility.


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