Segment your partners, intermediaries, resellers or brokers to effectively implement your strategy

Import your segmentation and automatically classify your indirect partners, resellers or brokers in Howaboutsales.

Use Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s) to link your intermediaries’ activities and campaigns to your company goals and for better account management.

Configure your business, increase sales, define activities and link them to specific segments and campaigns through integrated planning.

Improve partner collaboration and account management through segmentation and aligned sales plans.

Add SWOT and market developments to provide individual account and sales plans with the right context. Tailor your activities, campaigns and sales strategy based on a specific partner. Use the account plan with your partners to align your business goals and strategies.

Evaluate activities with your partners, intermediaries, resellers or brokers and stay updated with regular follow ups

Manually update results and target tracking. Add comments on objectives and activities to build context in your sales plan and sales strategy.

Get insights on partner and management performance through our channel software

Get data on your partners’, brokers’ and resellers’ performance to strategically decide on the next steps. Filter results by OKR’s, segments and campaigns and generate relevant management information through our BRM software.

Use Internal Activity Tracking to get a grip on how BRM is executed for your sales plan and sales strategy

Enable your account management team to get an overview of your team’s performance. View your AM touchpoints and their follow-up usage.

Why Howaboutsales works

Easy integration

Business software that has easy integration with BI and CRM with a selection of only relevant data (80/20 rule)


User friendly

Extremely user friendly to help your relationship managers and account management team to maximize engagement in your organisation and with your partners


Expert in the B2B sales niche

We’re an expert in the B2B sales niche and we help improve your relationship with intermediaries, resellers, or brokers.


Agile way of working

Quick and agile start with a small pilot group and roll-out on the basis of a positive business case.


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