Use Howaboutsales to increase accountability and commitment and grow your indirect sales channel


Align all partner, reseller or broker activities with company goals through strategic sales plans



Collaborate with your indirect sales partners in the execution of your sales strategy



Easily measure results and get instant insight in performance and account management


Easy integration with your BI and CRM

With our 80/20 rule you can make better business decisions and sales plans


DVV was looking for an Account Management tool that was quick, effective and easy to use. The big players on the market didn’t satisfy any of those criteria, but Howaboutsales excelled in those very areas! What really stands out is the rapid implementation, performance and user-friendliness for both Account Managers and higher management.

Financial Services

Dominique Gossé
Sr Executive Manager Sales & Marketing, DVV

We chose Howaboutsales because of the sharp preliminary analysis of our sales process and convenient online sales tool that our sales and management team provided.
Customers are followed-up in the fastest way possible. We use the tool for Account Management activities.

Building Industry

Gaston Pass
Sales Manager , Schiedel-Bemal

Howaboutsales listens to what your business is doing. What is the stance of ‘sales’ in the organisation?
What are the weak points? What are the areas of improvement (which you may be looking for yourself)? What are the efficiency gains / cost savings you can achieve through the solutions that Howaboutsales can offer.

Financial Services & Retail

Hans Tops
Sales Development Manager Retail, Bpost